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We provide online/distance learning forensic courses and forensic education worldwide. Our Courses are Cost effective and beyond the boundries. Our Forensic Education Courses are as follows:- Fingerprint Expert, Questioned Document & Handwriting Expert, Forensic Science Expert, Private Investigator (Detective), Crime Scene Investigator, Forensic Photography.
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Fingerprint Expert Course (Course Code: JKC-1001)
  • History of Fingerprints
  • Fingerprint patterns
  • Recording of fingerprint
  • Classification of fingerprint

  • Handwriting Expert Course (Course Code: JKC-1002)
  • Basic terminologies
  • Types of documents
  • Examination of disguised writing
  • General characteristics of handwriting

  • Forensic Science Expert Course (Course Code: JKC-1003)
  • Drug Addiction and crime
  • White Collar Crime
  • Political Crime
  • Property Crime

  • Private Investigator Course (Detective) (Course Code: JKC - 1004)
  • An Introduction to a Private
  • Civil and Criminal Laws in India
  • Types of Crimes and Investigations
  • Evidence-Gathering, Preserving

  • Crime Scene Investigator Course (Course Code: JKC-1005)
  • Locard's Exchange Principle.
  • Role of Crime Scene Investigator
  • Processing a Crime Scene
  • Crime Scene Documentation

  • Forensic Photography Course (Course Code: JKC-1006)
  • Fundamentals of Photography.
  • Choosing your Camera
  • Crime scene photography
  • Color Photography

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